Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/13 5:03:40

Sports are ageless in China

I feel exceptionally proud seeing those senior citizens dancing on the ice. This was never felt elsewhere during my trips to other countries where aging people are equally friendly and peaceful but less energetic. (Senior citizens increasingly make up a lot of the ice skating enthusiasts gliding across Beijing's frozen lakes, February 8)

The sports-loving and life-loving mindset is in fact quite common in China, as one can easily spot gray- or even white-haired people exercising across the nation, either doing square dances or playing table tennis. As an aging person myself, I feel that Chinese society has eased much burden on the aging population, especially thanks to the steadily-rising pensions and better health care. The improved living conditions naturally gives us all more ground and space to develop personal habits and realize those dreams we never got to realize when we were younger. On the other hand, understandably, it would be fair if someone said this is a mere reflection of less freedom when we were younger. But I'd call those so-called sacrifices necessary and being responsible to your family.

Maggie Jiang, by email

China is not barbaric

As a dog owner myself, it offends me when someone says China is not dog-friendly (I will not raise a dog in China, February 5). I feel exactly the same way when someone blindly calls China barbaric with dog-eating people. We are not dog-eating people.

I have repeatedly explained how Chinese people love their pet dogs and eating dogs only happens in a small group of people in very rural areas. In fact, the example raised by the author proves my point. The reason why so many Chinese netizens were furious over the tragic death of the poor Korgi shows how much we care. Compassion for life, I believe, is shared among all people regardless of their nationality and culture.

As for poisoning dogs, I am firmly opposed to such immoral and illegal acts. But on the other hand, which I believe is the core of the issue, there are so many irresponsible dog owners in China, like the unfortunate one who lost their dog. They do not use leashes and they let their dogs run free, literally running wild and pooping everywhere. Dog owners in the West are much stricter with their dogs. This is the real reason why dogs are not allowed in many public places in China. It is the pet owners that are to blame, not the nation.

All people's rights are equal. When you ask someone to respect your rights to keep a dog, think about those who do not have one and give them enough space to breathe.

Kerry Li, by email


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