Dumpling festival celebrates coming Year of the Dog in Chicago

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/2/13 17:53:40

Delicious Chinese dumplings, tai chi and dance, attracted nearly 600 residents to celebrate Chinese New Year in Chicago's City College this weekend. Themed Dumpling Fest, attendees learned how to fashion dumplings.

"You should hold the side tight, and then the dumpling is well done," the chef instructed a 6-year-old participant. It's "amazing," she told Xinhua, because she could later eat her own work.

With guidance from a volunteer, the girl's neighbor Mary Eddery, 55, learned how to use chopsticks. It was Eddery's third festival.

"It's fantastic as I love Chinese food so much. I found more people attending the fest," Eddery said.

Volunteers from local Chinese communities performed tai chi and traditional Chinese dance. Workshops at the fest showcased Chinese handicrafts including calligraphy, paper cuts, tea ceremonies and even acupuncture.

Dumpling Fest launched a series of activities that the city of Chicago will hold to celebrate the 2018 Year of the Dog.

Chicago is among the first cities in the US to launch Chinese New Year celebrations in the name of the city government and 2018 will be the fifth year for the City of Chicago to mark Chinese New Year.

Chicago seeks investment and wants more Chinese tourists. As a travel and communication hub, Chicago receives relatively fewer Chinese visitors than coastal destinations, leaving massive market potential.

Total domestic and overseas visitors to Chicago reached 53.91 million in 2016, an increase of 2.5 percent from a record 52.59 million in 2015, according to statistics provided by Choose Chicago.


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