How Shanghai celebrates February 14

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Celebrated in many ways worldwide and always falling on February 14, Valentine's Day is that special time of year for people to express their love, affection, appreciation and friendship. Hearts, roses, cupids and chocolates all contribute to the romantic and sweet ambiance of V-day.

To please their loved ones, many rack their brains over choosing a meaningful and special Valentine's Day gift, an act that shows one's attention and affection.

Zhao Jinhui from China suggests chocolate attached with sweet words, while Tulaulelei, a Micronesian man, acknowledged that they don't celebrate Valentine's Day in his country, but nonetheless suggests that "it's best to give some gifts about chocolate or flowers to a girl."

Being in a long-distance relationship, Zhu Guixie earnestly misses her boyfriend, saying the best gift for them is seeing each other. Her opinion resonates with Italian Lora, who said that "I think the best Valentine's gift is just time staying together."

"Pay attention to what your loved one likes in life and choose some gift containing special meaning," said Tommy, a Chinese national. He also emphasized that doing things with your heart and spending more time with his loved one is much more important than buying gifts.

Lora shared with the Global Times an unforgettable experience with her boyfriend. "One day a guy just came to me and said 'I don't care if you are staying with anyone, I just want to take care of you because I really like you.'" They are now in a relationship but not really serious mainly due to distance.

Photos: Lu Ting/GT and VCG

Make the first move

Masculine men are used to the burden of making the first move, while women usually lack the initiative or ambition, instead sticking with the old-fashioned route.

However data published by OkCupid, a popular online dating site, revealed that women who initiated conversations online with men were 2.5 times more likely to receive a response than men who did the same, according to The New York Times.

In addition, female-initiated contact leads to more conversations and more dates. Approximately 12 percent of messages made by men resulted in dates while 30 percent of messages from women led to dates.

"I don't think a man should always be the one to take the initiative, the thing should be equal in both sides. If a girl sees a guy she likes, she should step forward, get out of her comfort zone and directly say to the guy 'Yes, I like you!'" Cliff from Haiti, vehemently expressed.

Lora, who is used to being chased by men, thinks there should not be an argument in who takes the initiative in love, since men and women are the same. Yuan Weizhen, a postgraduate student from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, told the Global Times that among post-90s young adults, there's no apparent gender difference in taking the initiative.

"For example in my graduate school, I suppose girls are more active in chasing love. I was once chased by a girl successfully in sophomore year and started a relationship with her," Yuan said.

Sometimes people enjoy the spiritual pleasure by being chased, but compared to the short-time enjoyment, more are prone to rely on relationships and love built over a long period of time.

With his wife standing nearby, Tommy gave a suggestion to all the boys that being a considerate guy in daily life is the key to winning the love of a girl. Kevin Segard from France told the Global Times that after they got married, he cooked almost everyday for his wife.

"What I do is to help my wife as much as I can every day, take care of my baby and give us some time to have a massage, to travel, just try to share everything and make sure she's happy."

Photos: Lu Ting/GT and VCG

To lovers

"Have fun and be happy together!" Alice from Italy says. Separated from her boyfriend while studying architecture in China, she cherished their time together and always makes phone calls to him on Valentine's Day.

Her friend Lora also encouraged lovers to "love each other with all the energy you have."

Yuan, who is now single, said that "I hope those lovers can be merciful and kind toward our single dogs (a nickname for singletons) on Valentine's Day," showing his jealousy of the sweetness and happiness between lovers.

Photos: Lu Ting/GT and VCG




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