Surge of returnees to the city as Spring Festival holiday concludes

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/21 20:38:39

Return to Shanghai

After seven days of silence, Shanghai is once again encountering a travel rush as Spring Festival holiday week concludes and nonlocal workers from around the country returning from their hometowns pour out of local train stations and transportation hubs.

Travelers departing Shanghai Railway Station Wednesday Photo: Yanghui/GT

Railway stations in Shanghai were crammed with people Tuesday and Wednesday, with over 425,000 trips by train on Tuesday alone. Among them, 255,000 arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, 116,000 via Shanghai Railway Station and 53,000 through Shanghai South Railway Station.

A second wave is expected to arrive later in the week, with at least 33,000 trips predicted at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station between 11 pm and 5 am on Thursday.

Airports in Shanghai also saw a surge of arrivals, with an expected 311,000 trips made Wednesday, up 5.1 percent from 2017. Over 105,300 trips are expected by inter-­provincial long-distance buses, down 8.24 percent, and 1,500 trips will be made via water, down 44.44 percent.

To alleviate pressure during the travel peak, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission has added more shuttles, extended the operational hours of local subways and deployed additional taxis to key airports and railway stations.

Three subway trains along Line 2 ran from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to People's Square on Tuesday and Wednesday after normal operating hours. From Wednesday to Friday, all subway lines starting from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station will stay open until 1 am.

In terms of road traffic, Shanghai opened 30 special bus lines Monday along major routes running near airports, railway stations and wharfs. In addition, 30,000 taxis will stand by for deployment.

Foreigners join the Spring Festival travel rush. Photos: Yanghui/GT


A father takes his child back to the city.


A passenger has a rest on his luggage while waiting for a shuttle bus downtown.


Security checks at Shanghai Railway Station metro station


A young couple returns to the city.


Police help travelers.


A traveler hoists packages over his head.


A man waits for his lover.


Long line of taxis at Shanghai Railway Station



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