Party youth league slams online anti-heroism comments

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/22 21:33:40

China's Communist Youth League (CCYL) on Thursday slammed online comments deconstructing heroism and destroying the public's moral values following the death of Peter Wang, a 15-year-old American student killed while helping others flee from a high school shooting in Florida last week.

When Americans were trying to establish icons who sacrificed themselves for the sake of others, some Chinese media were busy working to deconstruct heroes. The deconstruction of heroes means deconstruction of Chinese morality and spirit, the CCYL posted on China's Twitter-like Weibo.

Chinese netizens and scholars called on the public to deny heroism and believe that life is precious. They also said society should have fewer such icons.

The negative comments surfaced on Chinese social media when the Western media and netizens were praising Wang's sacrifice. On February 14, a 19-year-old gunman prowled through Wang's school and killed 14 students, including Wang, and three staffers.  Wang was shot multiple times while holding a school door open to help his classmates escape.

Respecting heroes is the emotional resonance of mankind. Establishing moral models and spreading heroism is important in instilling the correct value system for each society, the CCYL's post said.

"The American boy gained numerous accolades, but Lai Ning, another 15-year-old boy who also sacrificed himself was once defamed. Heroism is not confined to any one country," CCYL said. Lai died helping firefighters put out a forest fire in Shimian county, Sichuan Province in 1988.

Skepticism and defamation of heroes have surfaced on Chinese social media in recent years, with some netizens questioning the stories of Chinese war heroes, including Huang Jiguang, who used his body to protect his comrades from machine gun fire in the battle on Shangganling Mountain, North Korea in 1952.

"The purpose of establishing models is to remind the public that as a member of society, we should learn to shoulder responsibility in society," read the CCYL's post.

Global Times

Newspaper headline: Chinese Party youth league slams online anti-heroism


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