Beijing to target illegal buildings in continuing city clean-up drive

By Liu Caiyu Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/25 18:20:45

Beijing will dismantle 4,000 square kilometers of illegal buildings in 2018 as part of its ongoing plan to make the city a more harmonious place to live.

In the meeting to discuss the mobilization of Beijing's ecological and environmental construction, Beijing Party chief Cai Qi said on Friday, the second day after Spring Festival holiday break, that Beijing will continue to target illegal buildings this year.

A total area of 4,000 square kilometers of illegal buildings will be demolished, and Beijing will make sure no new illegal buildings are constructed and no illegal buildings will be allowed with 155 square kilometers of the sub-center, The Beijing News reported.

The campaign aims to improve the capital's functionality and quality to further meet the people's growing demands for a better life.

Niu Fengrui, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, told the Global Times on Sunday that the campaign will focus on city renovation by tearing down illegal buildings and aging buildings that contain safety violations.

Niu warned local officials that they must not rush to meet their targets when implementing the campaign, which is for the overall good of Beijing residents, adding that they have to consider people and avoid any simplistic and crude actions.

The head of 16 districts in Beijing have signed an agreement to implement the campaign.

In addition, Beijing will also remove buildings that do not meet the capital's functions - 500 manufacturing enterprises, 159 retail markets and 17 logistics centers are expected to be removed in 2018.

The vacated land will be used for green development. About 1,600 hectares of green land will be built, and the city will also build about 1,400 convenience stores.

The campaign will also include garbage classification, cleanup of street lamps, electrical wires and advertisement bulletins.

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