Japanese electronics company apologizes over China map error

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/26 16:53:39

Japanese electronics maker Kyocera apologized on Sunday for only showing half of China's territory on a map of the country shown on its official Chinese website.

Kyocera Corporation deleted the incomplete map of China's territory and apologized, promising similar incidents will not happen again, the People's Daily reported.

The controversy erupted after net users accused the Japanese company of not showing a complete map of China on its Chinese-version website illustrating the locations of its branches in China. The map did not include the provinces and regions of Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi and Ningxia.

Kyocera's China headquarters are located in Tianjin, and has 31 offices in China.

As of press time, the company continued to list Taiwan under its "international branch" category along with South Korea and Vietnam, instead of "China branch."

The incident came weeks after Chinese authorities investigated Marriott International after the US-based hotel corporation categorized Chinese territories as countries in a mail questionnaire, angering its Chinese members.

Marriott has apologized for the mistake and promised to take measures to prevent similar incidents, Xinhua reported.

Global Times

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