Six of the best Chinese New Year light shows in and around Shanghai

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/26 19:18:39

Lantern festival

March 2 is China's traditional Lantern Festival. As the last but not least day of the Chinese New Year holiday, this occasion is known for its festive, colorful light shows, which are worth a visit in Shanghai and even smaller towns outside the city. The Global Times has selected six of the best lantern shows in and around Shanghai.


Shanghai Yuyuan Garden Lantern Show

Date: Until March 5, 2018

Address: 269 Fangbangzhong Road, Huangpu District


Admission: 80 yuan for adults; 50 yuan for children on March 2

50 yuan for adults; 30 yuan for children on March 3 to 4;

Free on other days

The theme of the garden's lantern show this year is "new generation, happy life." The floors, lakes and bridges at Yuyuan will all be decorated with over 1000 lanterns. The biggest lantern is a 9-meter-high golden dog, which "barks" at certain time of the day to celebrate the Year of the Dog.


Shanghai Happy Valley Lantern Show

Date: Until March 2, 2018

Address: 888 Linhu Road, ­Songjiang District


Admission: 220 yuan for adults

This amusement park lantern show includes a merry-go-round and other entertainment and also offers food from different countries around the world to satisfy your international appetite.


Shanghai Zuibaichi Park garden party for Lantern Festival

Date: Until March 5, 2018

Address: 64 South Renmin Road, Songjiang District  上海市松江区人民南路64号

Admission: 12 yuan

Zuibaichi Park offers various activities to enrich residents' everyday life during the holiday. The winners of the lantern riddle guessing game will be awarded souvenirs. Visitors can also learn paper cutting from skilled craftsmen.


Guyi Garden Spring Welcome Activities

Date: Until March 8, 2018

Address: 218 Huyi Road, Jiading District


Admission: 12 yuan

The traditional activities here include guessing lantern riddles in the garden. Folk custom performances will be put on. Old-fashioned tourist attractions inside the garden offer a different view with Chinese New Year decorations.


Tanyuan Garden Lantern Riddles Party

Date: From March 2 to March 4, 2018

Address: 5 Huntangnong, Nanxiang, Jiading District 上海市嘉定区南翔镇混堂弄5号

Admission: 30 yuan for adults

Hundreds of riddles hang under hand-made lanterns. Students from Nanxiang Primary School and Baoxiang Kindergarten hand-made these lanterns themselves. Anyone interested in lanterns and riddles should not miss this unique party.


Wuzhen Water Lantern Show

Date: Until March 2, 2018

Address: Wuzhen Xizha, Zhejiang Province 乌镇西栅

Admission: 150 yuan

Apart from land lanterns, visitors will be intoxicated by large water lanterns in this ancient watertown. A special group of lanterns designed with drama elements show the special bonds between Wuzhen and drama performances.

Visitors enjoy a lantern show at Yuyuan on February 6.


A visitor takes pictures.

Many visitors at Yuyuan Photos: Gu Zhiran


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