Express delivery services will return to normal

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/26 19:28:39

After a long, quiet Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, the express industry in Shanghai will return to normal status soon, Laodong Daily reported Monday.

During Spring Festival, many couriers return to their distant hometowns, leaving a huge number of express packages piled up in logistics storage warehouses. Express companies have spent the past few days sorting through them all and are preparing the packages for delivery.

Wang Xiangying, an employee at STO Express' Shanghai branch, said that his station in Minhang district had to deal with over 100 packages daily as soon as they returned from their holiday. Notably, some delivery men in his area have been making about 150 deliveries every day this week.

Some express companies reward their employees with bonuses in order to motivate them to return to Shanghai early.

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