Minhang district launches new landmarks in 2018

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/27 19:23:39

Cultural development

Minhang district of Shanghai will welcome new cultural landmarks this year, Shanghai Observer reported Sunday.

The new Minhang Museum and an exhibition hall showcasing ancient Maqiao culture of Minhang are expected to open in December. Meanwhile, renovation on Shanghai City Theatre, located in Dushi Road, will start soon.

In 2015, Minhang started to build the exhibition hall in Maqiao town to protect and exhibit its ancient Maqiao cultural heritage, which was discovered by archaeologists in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Maqiao site plays an important role in the study of Shanghai's historical and cultural development. Over 500 varieties of stone, jade, pottery, copperware and even bones were unearthed at the site. The pottery pieces excavated in the fourth layer of the site date back 3,000 years.

Standing at the southwest corner of Minhang Cultural Park located in Qibao town, the lakeside Minhang Museum covers 15,000 square meters. Surrounded by greenery, it will be an integrated part of the landscape, with a grassy slope at the entrance of the museum, which will also be an outdoor venue facing the lake.

Long-awaited upgrade

The new museum will become a cultural name card of the southwest part of Shanghai after it is completed.

It will contain three basic exhibitions to talk about the stories of Maqiao culture, the development of the district and Chinese musical instruments respectively. It will also set up temporary exhibitions focusing on both domestic and overseas historical and cultural topics.

Built in 2007, the Shanghai City Theatre now covers 7,012 square meters and owns 1,037 seats. It has held 780 shows and activities since it was first put into operation in November of 2009. After a decade of use, the professional equipment now requires an upgrade.

For the upcoming renovation, both stage facilities and supporting machinery, lights and dressing rooms will be upgraded to meet the high standards of performance venues which will be used for the 12th China Art Festival taking place in Shanghai in 2019.

This story was translated by Chen Shasha based on a report by Shanghai Observer.

Experts package cultural relics at Minhang Museum.


Performers on the stage at Shanghai City Theatre


A visitor takes pictures at a park in Minhang district.


A park in Minhang File photos: VCG


A local museum in Minhang district File photos: VCG



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