Actions needed to ease situation in US-controlled areas in Syria: Russian military

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/2/28 14:59:39

The most difficult humanitarian situation in Syria is in areas controlled by the US-led coalition, and requires urgent measures to mitigate it, a spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

"Civilians in Syria have been facing the most difficult humanitarian situation in AI-Tanf and Raqqa, which are controlled by the US-led coalition and armed opposition groups," said spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

Konashenkov mentioned the situation in the Er-Rukban refugee camp, which is located in an area controlled by the US-led coalition, remains extremely difficult. "Up to 60,000 refugees living in the camp are forcibly detained by the militant group controlling the camp."

International organizations need to take urgent measures to solve this humanitarian crisis, Konashenkov said, adding that Syrian civilians cannot and should not endlessly remain hostage to Washington's meaningless geopolitical games.

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