Nonlocal workers returning to Shanghai following holiday employee shortage

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/28 18:38:39

Labor relief

Many residents are having a hard time readjusting to their normal work routines in the big city following the week-long Spring Festival holiday. Adding to their difficulties is the current lack of labor in Shanghai's service industry, which has yet to be resuscitated to its bustling, pre-Chinese New Year status.

Many locals have been left with no migrant workers to cut their hair, deliver their packages or clean their homes. The good news is that many nonlocals in the service industry are supposed to resume their positions by Friday, the Lantern Festival (the fifteenth day of the first lunar month), which is when celebrations traditionally end.

Many ayi (domestic helpers) are also heading back to the city this week, and an even bigger flow is expected after Friday, Knews reported Monday.

On Monday, a dozen newly arrived ayi were seen sitting by the window of an employment center waiting for potential employers. Some said that they had returned to Shanghai early in order to pick "the best boss" since there would not be too much competition yet.

Meanwhile, many local families were also seen rushing to domestic helper companies to find ayi. One resident said his family was "messed up" during the Spring Festival holiday with no ayi to take care of their elderly relatives.

Because of the shortage, the daily wages of some in-house ayi have soared to 500 yuan ($79) per day, a 50 yuan increase compared with 2017.

To deal with this labor shortage, the housekeeping industry in Shanghai recently initiated a special service to help the elderly during the holiday.

This service includes inviting the elderly with no ayi to spend Spring Festival in hotels and offering emergency household maintenance service, according to Knews. In 2019, to keep more ayi in Shanghai, the industry association will collaborate with hotel chains to pick up their families as well.

Delivery boys

The delivery industry was also heavily affected by the labor shortage. By Friday, many migrant delivery boys had returned to their former positions, yet there is still a need for more as many delayed packages had to be delivered and consumers start to place new orders, reported Saturday.

Worth noting is that 2017 saw many package delivery boys switch their jobs to takeout food. Will this trend repeat itself in 2018? A person in charge of TTK Express confirmed that some delivery boys have changed jobs and that the express industry always "lacks labor after Spring Festival."

An employee with STO Express also confirmed that the food delivery industry has brought more pressure to the express delivery industry, according to the report by

Some delivery companies have encouraged their employees to return to work. YTO, for example, offered shuttle buses to transport employees back to the city and also cover their transportation fees.


Domestic helpers ready to be hired by employers

A delivery boy busy with his job

Delivery boys busy with their job Photos: VCG




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