Taiwan bill passage reverses gears of stable Sino-US ties: analyst

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/1 13:38:39

The passage of the Taiwan Travel Act on Wednesday severely damaged the one-China principle, the foundation of Sino-US relations, a Chinese expert said Thursday, adding that Beijing could counter the irresponsible move with an anti-secession law. 

The US Senate unanimously passed the bill following a similar approval in the House of Representatives in January, Reuters reported. 

The legislation, which aims to encourage high-level exchanges between the US and the island of Taiwan, only needs President Donald Trump's signature to become law. It would be unusual for a president to veto a measure that passed unanimously, the report said. 

The bill, passed just before China's two sessions, the annual meeting of the country's legislators and political advisers, sends a strong unfriendly message, Li Haidong, a professor at China Foreign Affairs University's Institute of International Relations, told the Global Times.   

"At such a crucial time for China's political event, the US' irresponsible move increases uncertainty and risks for bilateral ties and reverses the gears of a stable and positive Sino-US relationship," Li said.  

However, if Washington crosses the red line, Beijing will not tolerate moves to damage its core interests and will undoubtedly counter with the Anti-Secession Law, he added.  

China's anti-secession law stipulates a series of conditions where the Taiwan question is solved through non-peaceful means.

The Chinese mainland resolutely opposes any form of official or military contact between the US and the island of Taiwan, An Fengshan, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said Wednesday.

The one-China principle is the political foundation of China-US relations and the fundamental guideline for handling issues regarding Taiwan for the two countries, An said.  

The US move also puts greater uncertainty in the Asia-Pacific region, with tensions in the Korean Peninsula expected to intensify with upcoming military drills between South Korea and the US, Li said.   

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