Ukraine unveils magazine dedicated to 19th CPC National Congress

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/3/2 10:00:05

The 4th edition of the quarterly "Ukraine-China" magazine, which is dedicated to covering landmark events in China and the relations between the two countries, was unveiled here on Thursday.

The current edition, which was developed by the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists, focuses on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which took place last October in Beijing.

"The magazine, first of all, presents a concept of the 19th CPC Congress. It highlights main ideas, main documents, as well as analytical materials," said Viktor Kiktenko, editor-in-chief of "Ukraine-China" magazine, who is also the head of Ukrainian Association of Sinologists.

The magazine offers the Ukrainian public a detailed introduction to the key decisions made at the Congress and explains the influence of those decisions on the whole world.

Olexiy Koval, the author of one of the centerpiece stories, said he decided to focus on the report delivered during the Congress by Chinese President Xi Jinping because his report has a global significance.

"Xi Jinping has publicly said that China's experience can be experience of mankind. He said that China is ready to share its millennium-old state wisdom. It means that the model of reforms, which is developed in China, can be applied in other countries," Koval said.

He stressed that China's success in reforms is a good example for Ukraine, where political and economic reforms are underway.

Zheng Wei, minister-counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, said that the magazine has become an important source of information about China-Ukraine cooperation and a platform for cultural exchanges.

"This is a platform that strengthens the relations between our countries and educates a new generation of Chinese and Ukrainian people," Zheng said.

The "Ukraine-China" magazine was launched in 1999 by Kiev-based Institute of Oriental Studies. After being issued on an irregular basis, it became periodical in 2017.

This year, "Ukraine-China" magazine will see three other editions. The forthcoming one will be dedicated to the 40th anniversary of China's policy for reform and opening up.

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