Lantern festival celebrations

Source:IC Published: 2018/3/2 23:18:40

Families across China celebrate the Lantern Festival on Friday, known as yuanxiaojie, the last day of the two-week Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Chinese people usually eat a traditional delicacy made of glutinous rice flour with a variety of sweet fillings, and to attend traditional fairs to get lantern riddles and admire folklore performances. Residents in Zhangjiajie, Central China's Hunan Province stage a traditional lion dance to celebrate the Lantern Festival with more than 300,000 visitors on Friday.


People from Heqiao township in East China's Zhejiang Province display various handmade lanterns and perform drum dances on Friday.


Ni Qiaofeng, who inherited the intangible cultural heritage of paper cutting in Haidian district in Beijing displays her works while lecturing on the Lantern Festival.


A child watches sugar-figure blowing at a fair in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province on Friday. Photos: IC


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