Shanghai has subsidized adult cochlear implants since 2015

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/4 19:03:40

"Cochlear implantation has proved to be the most effective rehabilitation for hearing-impaired people."

Since 2015, Shanghai has subsidized cochlear implants (surgically implanted hearing aids) for local residents aged 18 to 60 with severe hearing impairments, according to which each resident can receive a maximum 60,000 yuan ($9459 )subsidy, Laodong Daily reported Saturday. However, the plan got off to a slow start. According to a local doctor, Yang Jun, many people mistakenly believed that cochlear implants only worked for children and that hearing-impaired adults had to rely on external hearing aids or learn sign language. Local patients are suggested to apply for subsidies at designated hospitals.

Illustration:Lu Ting/GT


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