Two sessions boost dynamics, solidarity

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/4 23:08:40

China's two sessions convened in succession as the first session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) started on Monday following the first session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) which took place on Saturday. Apart from conventional discussions, institutional reforms and a Constitutional amendment will also be deliberated making this year's two sessions longer and busier.

The annual event is a crucial symbol of China's political system with Chinese characteristics as well as the main stage for the nation's political life. Without comprehending the uniqueness, the outside world often misses the point trying to understand the two sessions with their experiences of Western-style parliament meetings where lawmakers tend to be radical and aggressive.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the two sessions developed from scratch. The event is a process during which all of Chinese society mobilizes, reaches consensus over the CPC's newly formulated theory, guidelines and policies and in the end, implements them. Combining the CPC leadership, democracy and the rule of law, the two sessions create an efficient political mechanism that accords with China's reality.

Turmoil in many parts of the world stems from political chaos. China's two sessions bring together various opinions and a great deal of information. But they do not exacerbate disagreements. On the contrary, the sessions establish consensus and ensure that the major principles, policies of the Party and the State are embraced by the people.

Some foreign observers make fun of the event by calling the NPC a rubber-stamp parliament. In their opinion, only hostile wrangling in Western parliaments makes sense.

How should the two sessions convene? There should be no simple, final answer. But the answer must be closely linked to the basic purposes of Chinese politics, the mission of China in the new era and the fundamental interests of the Chinese people.

The answer must thus not be disrupted by foreign forces and take shape when the time is right based on China's own experiences.

The number of NPC deputies and CPPCC members, who are mainly professional of various fields, is larger than representatives at any other nations' parliaments. They represent Chinese society well. How does politics operate in China? This is largely decided by their working performance

History will pass the final judgment on China's two sessions and the final grade will focus on the concrete results for China of the decisions made at the sessions.

China needs to be confident in its politics and not be swayed by anti-China rhetoric from the outside world. It is the Chinese people that understand China's reality the most and care about the country's fate the most. The aim of the two sessions should be conforming to the interests of the Chinese people, not winning applause from Western public opinion.


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