Beijing to build new homes, renovate decrepit houses for 23,550 households

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/3/5 8:14:23

Beijing plans to renovate existing houses or build new apartments for 23,550 households identified as living in decrepit housing across the capital this year, according to a document issued by the municipal government.

Some 236 housing redevelopment projects covering a total land area of 13,430 hectares will be undertaken in the city this year, it added. Some 15,300 households, or 65 percent of the total beneficiaries, reside in the six downtown districts.

The housing redevelopment project aims to improve the living standards and quality of life of the residents.

Redevelopment of decrepit housing has remained a priority for the government in recent years. Last year, China rebuilt 6 million apartments for residents, according to official data.

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