Diplomats confident in ‘clear direction’ of China’s development

By Li Ruohan Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/5 21:13:39

As China unveils its economic and social blueprint for 2018 in a government work report on Monday, foreign diplomats said they are more confident about China's future development as a "clear direction has been made."

"It's very positive to see there are clear directions," Fernando Lugris, the Uruguayan Ambassador to China, told the Global Times. Everything that China does internationally is very much related to what China decides in the two weeks in Beijing, he said. Lugris made the remarks after listening to a government work report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the opening session of the National People's Congress. 

"The encouraging words about China's sustainable development and economic growth, together with its commitment to free trade, are a very important message to our government," Lugris said.

The world is waiting for China to declare its future directions, Sergey Manassarian, Ambassador of Armenia to China, told the Global Times after attending the meeting.   Manassarian added that what caught his eye during the meeting was China's efforts  to improve people's lives and the country's plan to realize the Chinese Dream and to build an "ideal society."

Diplomats said their focus on this year's annual meetings of China's top legislature and political advisory body includes the trade and economic plan, ecological and environmental protection, political reform and the country's foreign policies. China and Norway are complementary economies and there are more opportunities for future trade cooperation between the two countries, Ola Breidal, counselor for political affairs at the Norwegian Embassy, told the Global Times.

"We sincerely think that if China continues to grow, with its new model in this new era, the constant growth will also benefit other countries as the Belt and Road initiative effectively moves on," Lugris said.

"We are very confident that China will continue to grow in a very positive manner, and its relationship with Latin American and Caribbean countries will continue to go deeper," he said.


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