Express delivery is big business in Shanghai

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/6 19:23:40

The total revenue of Shanghai's express delivery industry reached 87 billion yuan ($13.7 billion) in 2017, reported Tuesday.

A report on the city's express delivery industry released by Shanghai Consumers Council Monday revealed that 90 percent of all local consumers received express packages last week. Nearly 70 percent of interviewees feel that the city's express service is efficient, while more than half remain concerned that express companies are unable to effectively protect their personal information.

To further reflect the situation of Shanghai's express industry, the council also invited the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and a local consumer research group to investigate consumer feedback and complaints about express packages.

Some details from the investigation show that about 20 percent of recently delivered packages were signed by people other than the intended recipient. Over 50 percent of packages were signed by collection points or "receiving cabinets"; 13 percent were signed by property employees such as guards.

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