The women holding up more than half the PepsiCo sky

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/7 17:18:39

"Women hold up half of the sky," Chairman Mao Zedong once said.

In PepsiCo Greater China Region (GCR), this is not just a saying. Women are actually holding up more than half of our sky. The percentage of female employees in PepsiCo GCR stood at approximately 51 percent in February, including around 59 percent in the senior leadership team. This is just one of the many reasons why PepsiCo GCR has been on China's Top Employers List nine times in recent years.

According to a 2016 Credit Suisse Research Institute report on gender diversity, companies with more female associates in decision-making positions achieve higher market returns and have better profit performances: the more women in the boardroom, the greater the return for investors.

As one of the first multinational corporations to enter China in the 1980s, PepsiCo has built an astonishingly successful food and beverage business here. Part of this success comes through giving back to the community. Without the contribution of many female associates, neither our financial nor social responsibility successes would have been possible. The passion, dreams and courage of PepsiCo women are a potent force behind our sustainable development.

These achievements come from the root PepsiCo philosophy: performance with purpose. By empowering all associates - regardless of gender, nationality or color -to build successful careers, PepsiCo transforms their potential into performance.

PepsiCo is particularly focused on breaking down barriers for women both inside and outside the workplace. In the GCR, it has always been PepsiCo policy to cultivate local talent to become part of our team and grow our business. The corporation takes a special interest in encouraging women to seek and accept management roles and in helping them become outstanding business and team leaders. Through their hard work, keen business sense and courage to face challenges, these women have proved themselves more than capable of holding up half of the PepsiCo GCR sky.

As International Women's Day approaches, Global Times invited some of PepsiCo GCR's outstanding female associates to share their wisdom with other ambitious Chinese women planning to make their mark in the world of business.


Yao Weiwei, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Beverages

Yao has been with PepsiCo for 22 years, leading PepsiCo's beverage business in China since 2014. Recent years have seen some remarkable results. Over her long tenure, she has assumed increasingly important leadership roles across different business categories and functions in various countries, becoming a true global PepsiCo citizen.

Yao: Lead with integrity, clear vision and values. Be true to yourself. Be committed to building an effective organization and be decisive in driving sustainable growth. Be driven by your courage, convictions and curiosity.


Anne Tse, Senior Vice President and General Manager of COSO and E-commerce

Tse has been with PepsiCo for eight years, most recently as head of the PepsiCo GCR E-commerce team. She has led a series of strategic cooperation with many heavyweight partners, achieving fast, sustained growth in the unpredictable and innovative space of e-marketing, and securing the leading role of PepsiCo GCR in the e-commerce sector within the PepsiCo global family.

Tse: Among all the companies that I have known in my career, PepsiCo has one of the highest female representations in the boardroom. These female executives have served as my role-models, always encouraging me to reach for further career development and success."


Melissa Bailey, VP & CFO of PepsiCo GCR

Bailey has been with the company for nine years.

Bailey: Communication is very important. Raise issues early and be transparent. Be present and ask lots of questions. Take ownership of your career and be flexible.


Amy Chen, VP snacks

Chen has been with PepsiCo for 11 years.

Chen: Discover what your true passions are, and make sure that your passions are consistent with your work and goals. Stay curious and always have an open mind. Be humble. Never cut corners when it comes to integrity, ethics or people. Treat others with respect and humility. Be patient and enjoy the journey. Focus on learning, embrace challenges, and take up tasks that are important. Find a mentor who can give you unbiased counsel and help you navigate your career. Find your life/work balance.

Cathy Tai, Corporate Affairs VP

Tai joined the corporation 12 years ago and has played an important role in helping restructure PepsiCo GCR strategies, creating a good corporate image and brand recognition in China.

Tai: Looking back at my professional career, even before I entered the world of business in 1998, I went through a major career change when I left my job as a university teacher to become a diplomat. It taught me that what I accomplish as a professional results from my courage to take up challenges and continue learning. In 2006, I took the plunge from the fast-growing IT industry into the world of fast-moving consumer goods. When I first came on board, I had to build a team from scratch and devoted all my energy to helping restructure corporate affairs strategy in China,

Identify a position which matches your ability and professional growth and put your heart into it. Be specific with your annual, monthly or even daily goals. Difficulties and challenges are a fact of life. Be humble and never be too proud to learn. Make sure you do the right thing in the right way and be ready when an opportunity comes. Be self-reliant, with self-esteem and self-confidence.

Lilly Yip, Vice President of Beverages

Yip has been with the company for 14 years. She has led her team to successfully delivering brand attitude and spirit through collaboration and consumer experience. Early this year, her team launched the 2018 "Bring Happiness Home" video.

Yip: Be clear about your goals, both professionally and personally, Take time to connect with people and be passionate about life.


Ana Henriques, the Senior Director of Quaker Nutrition Business & Commercialization

Henriques has been with PepsiCo for seven years.

Henriques: Practice self-awareness. Take feedback seriously, but not personally. Stay curious, be humble and learn from others. Focus on mastering your natural talents and turn them into your competitive advantages. When you make mistakes, learn from them and try again. You will never be great at everything, so nourish a network of allies that elevate and complement you. Give back to others. Commit to always doing your very best and have fun doing it.


Lisa Deng, Strategy Senior Director

Deng has been with PepsiCo for just over a year. She is responsible for formulating Greater China strategic plan and executing strategic projects across multiple functions.

Deng: Be bold in your aspirations, but be prepared to follow through. Be persistent in seeking a solution. Be a self-starter who always embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

Eva Shi, Insights Associate Director

Shi has been part of the PepsiCo family for seven years with more than 15 years' experience in marketing and consumer research.

Shi: Set a vision, stay open and innovative with your professional choices and true to your long-term goals. Choose companies with a corporate culture, values and strategies which you can identify with and appreciate. Stay curious and never stop learning. Work closely with your team to achieve success together. 


Keera Zhang, HR Director for Talent Sustainability

Zhang has been with the company for eight years. She and her team optimized key HR programs, ensuring that employees have the capacity to achieve success.

Zhang: Keep an open mind and stay passionate for knowledge. Stay resolute and persevere, but also stay flexible and adaptable. Make best use of your strengths and avoid drawing attention to your weaknesses. Balance your rationality and sensibility. Be inclusive, perceptive, innovative and pragmatic.

Hattie Han, legal director, supporting PepsiCo Foods in the GCR

Han has been with PepsiCo GCR for 18 years.

Han: Have the proactive learning capabilities to dive deep into the business. Have good communication skills, a team work spirit, and a good understanding of cultural differences.

Sally Qiu, R&D director

Qiu has been with PepsiCo for 14 years. It was her first job.

Qiu: Keep curious about new things and be willing to try things. Be brave enough to take on new challenges and don't become addicted to your comfort zone. Stay positive. Trust that you learn more when facing challenges.

Tulip Yu, IT manager

Yu has been at PepsiCo for 12 years.

Yu: Be passionate about your job. Adopt a comprehensive, corporate level outlook and lead the team to do the right things. Win the recognition of other teams.



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