Military training for students kicks off in Shanghai

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/7 18:58:39

Sir, yes, sir!

As a new semester starts in China, 3,200 freshmen students from nine secondary high schools in Fengxian district are presently participating in military training. Under the guidance of their drill masters, these first-year students are learning basic military techniques and knowledge. Their training includes firefighting, military navigation, first aid and even gunnery training.

Many drill masters are well-performed veterans. They wear their uniforms and teach military theories and techniques to these young students.

Drill master Zhang Hong was born in 1987 and started military training after he retired from the army in 2010. Zhang is well-known for being humorous and tends to make students feel relaxed and entertained during his training, as opposed to exhausted.

This method has encouraged some of his past students to become personally interested in the military; many students joined the PLA right after high school.

Born in 1991, Liu Qi is among the younger drill masters. He said that when he first stood in front of a group of students, he was too nervous to speak clearly. But thanks to the encouragement and support of other experienced drill masters, Liu soon adapted to the confident leadership role of drill master.

To better promote China's national defense education, Liu also participated in compiling research for military textbooks for high school students.

A young female drill master is guiding students on Tuesday in Qingpu district. Photos: Yang Hui/GT

Students learn military knowledge from their drill master. Photos:Yang Hui/GT

Students in military training Photos: Yang Hui/GT

Students take pictures with their drill masters. Photos: Yang Hui/GT

Three young drill masters Photos: Yang Hui/GT

A drill master makes a bed. Photos: Yang Hui/GT

A drill master explains weapon knowledge to students. Photos: Yang Hui/GT


Students hold their guns Photos: Yang Hui/GT

A drill master explains weapon knowledge to students.Photos: Yang Hui/GT


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