Yangpu and Palo Alto become sisters

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/3/8 18:18:40

Shanghai's Yangpu district in China and the American city of Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area of California on Monday formally entered into a sister-city relationship at Palo Alto City Hall.

Palo Alto, the birth place of Silicon Valley, is Yangpu's first sister city, the most densely populated district in Shanghai with some 1.3 million residents, while Yangpu is the eighth sister city for Palo Alto.

"We are very careful when choosing a sister city," said Li Yaping, deputy magistrate of Yangpu district, "The two sides share natural synergy in many ways," she said.

Both Yangpu and Palo Alto are known as a home to top universities and many hi-tech companies.

Palo Alto hosts the prestigious Stanford University and is a center of innovation.

Yangpu, which boasts famous Chinese universities such as Fudan and Tongji, is a model national base for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Palo Alto's newest sister city signals a new partnership focused on ­innovation, shared learning and best practices, said the city of Palo Alto on its website.

A delegation of 19 officials from Yangpu was invited to participate in a tradition-packed Chinese New Year celebration in Palo Alto recently.

"I was impressed by the American people's knowledge of Chinese culture and their performance," Li said, showing photos she took of children performing martial arts and teachers reciting Chinese poems.

"I told the Palo Alto mayor that ­Chinese New Year traditions represent our people's wishes for a better life," Li said. "I hope more Chinese traditions and culture can be introduced to Palo Alto through the sister city relationship."

Unanimous resolution

A delegation from Palo Alto is expected to visit Yangpu in November. Its priority will be promoting people-to-people exchanges, including community artists program and sports competitions, according to Li.

The new sister city relationship developed out of a 2012 partnership when both municipalities signed a smart-city agreement to develop a business ­relationship with assistance from the Bay Area Council, a nonprofit organization.

The relationship warmed after a group of Palo Alto students visited Shanghai as part of an exchange program in 2013.

Late in 2017, the Shanghai municipal government and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries approved Yangpu's request to establish a sister-city relationship with Palo Alto.

Last week, Palo Alto City Council voted unanimously for the resolution to become a sister city of Yangpu.


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