Forest coverage in Shanghai at 16 percent

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/12 18:38:40

Forest coverage in Shanghai reached 16.2 percent and is expected to hit 18 percent by 2020, Laodong Daily reported Sunday.

Currently, the city's green ecosystem consists of forest parks, country parks, water conservation forests and coastal protective forests.

Statistics released by the municipal forestry administration show that most forestland in Shanghai is located in suburban areas, which account for 96.4 percent of the total forestland acreage in Shanghai.

One-fourth of all local forestland is located on Chongming Island; forest coverage in downtown Shanghai is also above 10 percent.

Forestry in suburban Shanghai entered a new stage of development with four new national forest parks in recent years. New forest parks in suburban Shanghai are also expected to open to the public soon.

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