City continues to expand its subway system lines

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/13 18:48:40

A new planning chart for Shanghai's underground metro was recently released. An additional 41 kilometers of track will be put into operation in 2018, the municipal government reported Tuesday.

According to the government plan, the total operating mileage of the Shanghai subway system is expected to exceed 830 kilometers by the end of 2020.

Thanks to a 2017-25 plan about the city's metro system, there will be a total of 24 metro lines spanning over 1000 kilometers in Shanghai.

Currently Shanghai has 16 metro lines, running 666 kilometers (including maglev trains) and 389 metro stations.

Shanghai will make further adjustments on the operations of its metro system based on different time tables to increase satisfaction level among passengers.

The improvement of metro system can boost the city's economy and cultural development.

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