House panel finds ‘no evidence’ of Trump Russia collusion

Source:AFP Published: 2018/3/13 22:28:39

A Republican-dominated House panel announced Monday that its investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election found no collusion by Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

"We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians," the majority Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said in a summary of their report.

The panel also rejected the notion that Moscow had attempted to boost Trump's White House effort, a conclusion reached by the country's top intelligence officials in a January 2017 report.

The summary expressed "concurrence with the Intelligence Community Assessment's Judgments, except with respect (Russia President Vladimir) to Putin's supposed preference for candidate Trump."

The report signaled a move by Republicans on the deeply divided panel to end the investigation. Democrats still want to interview more witnesses.

"After more than a year, the committee has finished its Russia investigation and will now work on completing our report," said panel chairman Devin Nunes. "We hope our findings and recommendations will be useful for improving security and integrity for the 2018 midterm elections."

Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the panel, said the move came under pressure from the White House, where Trump and advisors face a separate collusion investigation by the Justice Department's prosecutor Robert Mueller.

"While the majority members of our committee have indicated for some time that they have been under great pressure to end the investigation, it is nonetheless another tragic milestone for this Congress, and represents yet another capitulation to the executive branch," Schiff said in a statement.  "We have learned a great deal about countless secret meetings, conversations and communications between Trump campaign officials and the Russians, all of which the Trump Administration initially denied," he added.

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