NPU attends the Forum on "Belt & Road" Initiative and Cultivation of the International Talents

By Liu Jie Source:Northwestern Polytechnical University Published: 2018/4/12 10:59:26

During March 4 to 11, Deputy President Huang Wei led a delegation to Singapore and Malaysia to attend the Forum on the "Belt & Road" Initiative and Cultivation of the International Talents, meanwhile carrying out the overseas talent recruitment and interschool exchanges. The representatives from the related departments and schools were in the delegation.    

The Seminar on Promoting the Advanced Leadership and the Forum on the "Belt & Road" Initiative and Cultivation of the International Talents was launched by NTU (Nanyang Technological University), with an aim to share university developmental experience, explore the approach to constructing a first-rate university and promote the cultivation of first-rate international talents. Vice-President Huang was invited to deliver a report entitled "Chinese Higher Education Marching towards World's First Ranks", which analyzed the key scientific issues in the construction of first-rate universities and proposed a series of constructive reflections, from the perspectives of the historical positioning of Chinese higher education, features of world class universities, the changing paradigm of the world's higher education, the blueprint for China's first-rate universities, the missions and challenges of first-rate universities in the context of globalization, and NPU's practice and explorations in this respect.        

During the forum, Huang Wei led the delegation to visit Mr. Cao Shihai, Counselor of Education in Chinese Embassy to Singapore, Mr. Bai Tian, Ambassador to Malaysia, who held an in-depth discussion about how NPU could give full play to its advantages to vigorously promote the education cooperation with the universities of the above two countries. Besides, they also exchanged visits with NTU and NUS (National University of Singapore) and decided on some cooperative issues. In addition, Huang Wei also visited IMRE (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering) and IMCB (Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology) to talk about scientific cooperation and co-building a joint laboratory. He also met Prof. Chua HeanTeik, who is President of UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman) of Malaysia and Chairman of FEIAP (The Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific), which is a good sign that NPU would actively promote the professional accreditation and talent training of FEIAP under the guidance of China Association for Science and Technology. And the two sides agreed to conduct a program of talent co-training.    

During the visit, NPU held two recruitment fairs at NTU and NUS respectively, which attracted more than 100 doctors, post-doctors and scholars and experts from Hong Kong and Singapore.  


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