US sci-fi flick ‘Annihilation’ to debut in Chinese mainland with an R-rated warning

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/12 17:48:40

R-rated warning for Annihilation Photo: IC

Annihilation, the US science-fiction film starring Natalie Portman, will come to Chinese mainland cinemas on Friday with an R-rated warning, according to newly-released  promotional material for the film.

Based on the new Chinese trailer for the film, the version of the film shown in mainland theaters will contain a number of violent and bloody scenes.

Earlier on April 4, China Film Co Ltd, the film's Chinese distributer, informed all cinemas screening the film that ticket counters should set up a warning that says "minors under 17 must be accompanied by a guardian," according to a report from movie news portal

This is the second imported film in China to be released with R-rated notice, the first being Hugh Jackman's Logan in 2017.

As China does not have an official movie rating system, R-rated content is normally partially or completely cut from mainland versions of the film.

Film contents that "harm minor's rights or are harmful to a minor's physical or mental health" are banned in the mainland and distributors that release films that may make minors "physically or mentally uncomfortable" should release an accompanying warning, according to the 2016 Film Industry Promotion Law.

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