Ning Hao-produced 'Dying to Survive' set to hit big screens in July

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/12 17:58:39

Promotional material for Dying to Survive Photo: IC

Dying to Survive, the very first work from young filmmakers' project by well-known Chinese director Ning Hao's Dirty Monkey Pictures, will release in the Chinese mainland on July 6 during the fiercely competitive summer movie season, Ning, the producer of the film, announced on Thursday at a press conference in Beijing.

Ning also noted that the film has changed its Chinese title from Zhongguo Yaoshen, or "Chinese medicine god," to Wobushi Yaoshen, "I am not a medicine god."

The movie is directed by up-and-coming director Wen Muye and stars actor Xu Zheng, a long time collaborator with Ning. 

Based on a true story, the film follows Cheng Yong after he is diagnosed with leukaemia, which requires expensive medicine that is beyond his means to afford to treat. On the advice of a doctor, he travels to India to look for similar generic medicine that is much cheaper. Soon after, Cheng begins to sell the cheaper version of the medicine in China, where it is officially labeled as counterfeit medicine. 

At the conference, Wen said that he aimed to follow the main principle of Dirty Monkey Pictures, "to focus on story while keeping both a commercial sense and social responsibility in mind."

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