Figuratively speaking

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/13 16:48:39

39 - the pairs of Fuxing high-speed trains departing from Beijing that were recently increased in number. Currently, there are a record breaking 627.5 pairs of trains departing from Beijing. Among them, high-speed trains and bullet trains make up 390 pairs, which account for more than 60 percent. Eight pairs of the 39 pairs of Fuxing high-speed trains travel between Beijing and Shanghai, while 31 pairs travel between Beijing and Tianjin.

50 - the number of selfies of different females that one can illegally buy for only 4 yuan ($0.6). Recently, a woman surnamed Wu said that she found that her private photos from her social platforms were being used by WeChat shop owners on their WeChat Moments. She suspected that her photos might have been sold secretly. Recently, many private selfies have been sold in packages by sellers online. Some sellers claimed that they downloaded them without getting the approval of the photos' owners. Lawyers said that selling photos without permission infringes on the rights to a portrait. 

20 - the number of different types of robot cleaners priced between 799 yuan and 7,499 yuan that were tested by China Consumers Association recently. The association found that there are obvious differences among the cleaning ability of these robots, and that high priced robots are not necessarily better at cleaning than the relatively lower-priced ones. In addition, some of them have serious problems completing their cleaning jobs.

300,000 - the amount of money in yuan that a 95-year-old man surnamed Wang finally got from the bank. Wang's wife passed away two years ago and left their savings of 300,000 yuan in the bank. Since Wang input the password wrong three times in a row, the bank card was locked. The bank then asked Wang to prove that he was the inheritor of the money. Wang sued the bank. Wang had no children of his own. The case was accepted by Chaoyang District People's Court recently, and they approved Wang's appeal.


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