Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/16 16:18:40

Scoring a hukou

I don't think Beijing is lagging behind other cities that have recently released a series of polices to attract talent, which includes making the threshold of getting a local hukou (household registration) lower (Beijing fights to leverage talent, April 8).

On April 11, news that my husband and I have spent years waiting for finally came. The new draw of using a point system to allow people who have worked and lived here for years to obtain a Beijing hukou starts on April 16. Those who are qualified can now apply for the hukou online.

A Beijing hukou can ensure cheaper education and better access to good universities. For university graduates, getting a Beijing hukou from their workplace is more difficult than getting a car plate. I missed the chance of getting a hukou due to a job transfer. As for my husband, he said it is his bad luck that led him to miss out on getting a hukou. Trying to be fair, his company held a lucky draw, and he was not one of the winners. 

Many of our peers, all graduate students from prestigious universities, are doing their best with their knowledge and skills to contribute to the capital. Though it is understandable that the capital needs to control its population, we still hope it can be more inclusive to residents who are calling Beijing their new home.

Teresa Lin, via email

Are tattoos for you?

I don't oppose of people having tattoos, but I have a double standard when it comes to different tattoo designs (Inked in China, April 8).

A friend of mine spent more than 1,000 yuan ($159) for a tattoo on her ankle. At first, I thought it was absolute nonsense, considering the pain she endured. But the minute I saw the cute spotted deer, I fell in love with it. When she wears sandals and an ankle bracelet, the deer becomes more vivid and even makes the curve of her foot look better.

Before the deer tattoo, I mainly saw many guys with large tattoos of dragons, tigers or even snakes on their backs and arms, which is not my taste. Traditionally, in Chinese people's minds, such designs make someone seem dangerous.

Nowadays, more and more young people, especially young girls, are embracing cute tattoo designs. I also know that many girls who are in a romantic relationship tend to have their boyfriend's name tattooed on them.

In my opinion, that is not a good choice because once you break up, your next boyfriend may very possibly ask you to have it removed. I also think that people should choose secure stores to get tattoos since unhygienic operations may lead to the spread of blood diseases.

Jerry Lu, via email

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