Beijing Christian group claims ‘unhealthy’ home life leads to homosexuality

By Liu Xin Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/16 23:18:40

A public account affiliated with a Beijing-based Christian group published an article on Monday, saying that juvenile homosexuality could be prevented with early intervention, and that homosexuality reflects "unhealthy and unhappy parent-child relationships."

The article was released the day Chinese social media giant Sina Weibo reversed its ban on gay-themed content, after its previous decision meant to "purify" the online environment sparked controversy.

"Family must be put first to prevent juvenile homosexuality. Both gay support and anti-gay studies show that homosexuality reflects unhealthy and unhappy parent-child relationships," according to an article released on the WeChat account of "Zhuyutongxing," a Christian group, on Monday.

The article hopes to "let people know that juvenile homosexuality can be prevented and early intervention is required when the child is young," the article said.

"Many young people attracted to the gay lifestyle are seeking an identity… Many young people who struggle with the homosexuality issue and questions about self-image start from their family," the article added.

"Homosexuality is not a disease, so why does it need to be prevented? Must heterosexuality be prevented?" Fang Gang, a professor of sexology at Beijing Forestry University, told the Global Times on Monday.

The article was released by the public account "Zhuyutongxing," which also has a website. The website has columns on "reading the Bible" and articles on homosexual people's "new life" after "they returned to normal life."

"Zhuyutongxing" planned to organize lectures for "church people who are burdened with gay issues" in March together with the Taiwan-based Rainbow7 organization.

Rainbow7, an organization similar to Exodus Global Alliance, believes in the principles in the Bible and marriage between a male and a female.

The planned March lecture was cancelled and an anonymous organizer said that they were asked to suspend it.

Fang added that no gay conversion therapy or relevant program in the world proved to be successful, and organizations like "Zhuyutongxing" would never succeed in gay conversion.

"Zhuyutongxing" provided no comment as of press time.

"Claiming that homosexuality could be reversed by God misleads the public, attacks gay groups, gives false hope to people and places unbearable pressure on people," Ouyang Wenfeng, a pastor in New York, told the Global Times.

Gay conversion therapy has a market in China as many Chinese parents want to have their grandchildren carry on the family line, Ouyang said.

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