Word matters

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/17 17:08:40

Illustration: Peter C. Espina/GT

"He said that many people were waiting to buy the JD.com employee shopping cards. We then sent him the money for the cards."

So said a woman surnamed Li. A friend introduced Li to a man who claimed that he was an employee of JD.com and that he was selling shopping cards for the company's employees at a very low price. The man told Li he could sell the cards at a 70 percent discount if she spent more than 200,000 yuan ($31,831). Li and her friends wanted to earn money by reselling the cards. They transferred 470,000 yuan to the man, but they could not get in contact with him afterward. They found that the friend who introduced the man to them was also cheated. Li called the police. The police said that people should be wary of strangers who say that they can sell shopping cards at low prices. (Source: Beijing Morning Post)


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