Women’s favorite Internet works

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/23 17:28:39

Hua Wenjing from China Literature  Photo: Courtesy of China Literature


Gu Jianyu Photo: Courtesy of China Literature

What books she likes to read, what TV dramas she likes to watch, what movies she likes to talk about on her WeChat Moments page or on Sina Weibo… Women are not just initiators of hot social topics, but also the driving force behind a plethora of IPs ranging from TV series and movies to books. Their hobbies also have a major impact on what IPs are adapted to other mediums.

Considering this massive influence, China Literature, one of the biggest Internet publishers in China, released a list of the 10 most popular Internet literature works among women in China at an IP salon on Wednesday.

According to Gu Jianyu, general manager of copyright sales at China Literature, the 10 works on the list were selected from the vast number of works on the group's literature websites, which include yunqi.qq.com, qdmm.com, hongxiu.com and xxsy.net.

Among these works on the list are Mountain In The Moonlight, a touching and positive story covering the topics of education in remote rural areas and leftover children; suspense and romance novel Endless Love, about a young woman with amnesia who journeys to recover her memories and a lost romance; and Capturing My Heart from writer Yu Qingwan, a popular story that mixes romance and detective novels in one package. 

Period and time travel stories like The Millennium Grocery Store, The Beautiful Healer and My Lord, My Love also number among female readers' favorites.

Gu said writers on literature websites tend to have a delicate writing style that is full of emotion, which enables them to strike a chord with women readers. Since readers share something in common with the female characters portrayed in these works, even when they live in different time periods, it makes these works ripe material for film and TV adaptations.  

You Are My Best Years, the latest TV adaptation of writer Jiang Meiren's work of the same name, also made its official debut at the salon.

The book focuses on the career of a jade carver, something that is not often seen in TV dramas. 


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