New bilingual book catches eyes of global internet industry entrepreneurs

By He Keyao Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/30 14:42:28

The book Universal Postboy (Photo: He Keyao/GT)

A new Chinese English-language book that tells the story of a celebrated entrepreneur’s ten-year journey in the mobile internet industry has drawn attention worldwide.
Written by Wen Chu, founder of GWC, a global network that links innovators and executives from leading tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and Huawei, the book named Universal Postboy unfolds his decade-long experience of working as a “postman” connecting industry gurus around the world, developing the platform from scratch and pushing innovation on a global level with real impact. Stories of Wen’s cooperation with other industry pioneers in China, India, the US’ Silicon Valley and other financial hubs of the world are told in the book, outlining a big picture of the industry’s development and China’s interaction with the rest of the world.
Wen’s observation and insights into the field, including the concept of “scientific renaissance” that the late physicist Stephen Hawking proposed during Wen’s personal visit, are also explored.
The book was first released during the 10th Global Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing from Thursday to Friday. The traditional Chinese version of the book was published earlier last year on the island of Taiwan.


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