2 million yuan ‘break-up fee’ left in bar returned

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/8 18:28:39

2m yuan ‘break-up fee’ left in bar

Two million yuan ($314,204) in found cash has been returned after a man left it with his ex-girlfriend at a Hangzhou bar as a 'break-up fee,' who then left it behind because she said it was a few million short. 

Employees at the bar called police early on Monday after finding the suitcase stuffed with cash the previous night, media reported.

Police were able to track down and alert the owners.

An hour later, the former couple, both in their twenties, arrived at the station to claim the cash. The man told officers he arrived at the bar with the money to meet his ex, who was demanding a break-up fee - a practice in China seen as a kind of compensation.

 "I told her I only had 2 million yuan with me, and then I left," said the man, who was described in reports as coming from a wealthy family in the IT industry.

After leaving the cash at the bar, it turns out the woman did the same thing.

"I didn't take it and left. I then called him and told him that I didn't take the money. I told him to get it himself. That was it," said the woman.

Before handing over the cash, police warned the young man not to be so careless with so much money in the future, to which he reportedly replied, "Is 2 million yuan a big sum?"

Qianjiang Evening News
Newspaper headline: 2m yuan ‘break-up fee’ left in bar


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