2018 Shanghai Science Festival held May 19

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/14 18:43:39

The municipal government held a press conference Monday to introduce preparation work for the 2018 Shanghai Science Festival. Zhang Quan, director of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, said that their preparations will focus on 10 fields, including scientific forums, competitions, activities for teenagers and activities for enterprises.

This year's Shanghai Science Festival features three characteristics: multilevel, diverse and creative. Over 1,000 activities relating to science are expected to be held throughout the city.

The 2018 Shanghai Science Festival will be held between May 19 and May 26 at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.

It will be more international, more scientific and closer to be public compared with festivals of previous years. The municipality aims to build Shanghai Science Festival as a brand that goes along with Shanghai's new image as a globally influential science and innovation center.

Shanghai Science Festival was established in 1991, and was China's first and the world's second scientific festival organized mainly by the government.

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