Exhibits from World Expos unveiled in Shanghai

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/14 19:38:40

World Expo exhibition

A new exhibition titled Expo Heritage: Exhibits Collections from World Expos was recently unveiled at the World Expo Museum (WEM), bringing to Shanghai a collection of over 600 relics.

It is the first such themed exhibition that WEM has organized independently.

The exhibition shows both physical and virtual artifacts, including medals, porcelains, postage stamps, engravings and historical documents, each telling the story of the history and social background about the World Expo.

The exhibition falls into two major categories: history and highlights. According to the exhibition's organizer, they aim to present the most representative artifacts that carry a distinctive mark of the expo and its artistic value.

For example, a set of medals with the pattern of Emperor Franz Jaseph I, allows visitors to revisit the 1873 Expo held in Vienna, the first-ever expo held in German speaking countries. That year also marked the 25 anniversary of the crowning of the emperor.

A set of commemorative stamps brings visitors to the 1893 Chicago Expo, the biggest expo ever held in the US in the 19th century.

To mark the 400th anniversary of the discovery made by Columbus, the US postal department launched a set of 16 pieces of commemorative stamps in January 1893. The patterns are from renowned paintings from Spanish and Italian museum collections. This is also the first-ever set of expo stamps issued.

Interactive media

Other artifacts include medals, a set porcelain and a phonograph from 1904 Saint Louis Expo, a bronze drinking vessel made in China from the 1900 Paris Expo.

Apart from physical objects, the exhibition also uses interactive media so that visitors have easy access to well-rounded information about the exhibits on their phones, making their visit a convenient, amusing and enlightening experience.

As the official museum and official documentation center of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the museum is committed to  collecting Expo-related historical  resources and strengthening  academic research on the tradition of World Expos.

During the opening ceremony the museum also launched a beautifully illustrated and bilingual version of The Expo 2010 Shanghai China Official Albums (6 volumes), Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life - EXPO 2015 Milan Italy and Expo Heritage: Precious Collection of the World Expo Museum (II), to fully capture the splendor of World Expos.

The story was translated based on  articles from people.cn and xinmin.cn.

A visitor takes photos of the exhibits. Photo: VCG


Expo artifacts showed at the exhibition Photo: VCG

Visitors look around at the exhibition. Photo: VCG



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