Documentary ‘The Great Tribe 2’ brings traditional village life to Tencent Video

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/16 17:53:41

Li Wuwang Photo: Courtesy of Tang Tang

The Great Tribe 2, the second part of the popular documentary series, debuted on Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video on Tuesday.

The first part, The Great Tribe debuted on November 14, 2017, to great success on various Chinese streaming sites including Youku, IQiyi and Tencet Video by introducing the wisdom of ancient Chinese rural village designs and raising young people's awareness about the troubles villages face today.

According to Hu Binbin, director of the Chinese Village Culture Research Center, more than 900,000 villages have disappeared due to rapid urbanization over the past decade, nearly 20 a day.

"Farmers keep moving out and the village becomes empty. In some cases, there are many villages with only a single person left," he said at a forum on Monday.

"For various reasons, traditional villages are disappearing, and so is village culture that has been passed down for generations. Saving village culture is an urgent task."

Modern innovations and redesigns can be a possible way to attract young people back to villages. In the first season of The Great Tribe, designer Meng Fanhao redesigned Dongziguan village in East China's Zhejiang Province to better fit the modern era while preserving the essence of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Li Wuwang, producer of The Great Tribe series and CEO of Zhiliao Culture Company, told the Global Times that to document these disappearing villages and their cultures, the company initiated what they called the Village 100 project, which aims to document and raise public awareness of 100 major villages.

A total of 12 villages will be featured in The Great Tribe 2.


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