Tianying Media to bring Stan Lee’s space comedy ‘The Last Resort’ to China

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/5/16 17:53:43

China's Tianying Media Group has just snapped up the rights to US media mogul Stan Lee's The Last Resort, a sci-fi comedy about a woman who inherits a quirky hotel on an orbiting space station.

"It's a great female-led project," talent manager and executive producer Shari Kelton told the Xinhua News Agency on Monday.

"I'm proud of women's accomplishments. And I'm thrilled to be doing this project with China."

The deal is part of a new win-win formula that has emerged in recent US-China deals: Chinese production companies are hiring Hollywood screenwriters or buying US scripts to give films a global appeal, then tweaking them with "Chinese characteristics" and producing them as Chinese movies or US-China co-productions.

The screenplay of The Last Resort was penned by Stan Lee himself and co-writer Bob Underwood, who is best known as a series writer for television's Night Court and The Drew Carey Show.

"We are taking excellent screenwriting from the West and adding local flavor and the marketing sense required for the Chinese audience," Zhou Zheng, president of production for Tianying Media, told Variety.

The rights were acquired from POW! Entertainment, a film, TV and video game company Stan Lee co-founded in 2001 with Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman.

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