2018 Shanghai Science Festival to be held May 19-26

By Wang Han Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/16 18:23:43

Enhancing innovation

The Shanghai municipal government held a press conference on May 14 to introduce its preparation work for the 2018 Shanghai Science Festival. The preparations cover 10 fields, such as scientific forums, competitions and educational activities, according to Zhang Quan, the director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.

The 2018 Shanghai Science Festival is expected to be held between May 19 and May 26 at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

This year the festival will be more diverse, innovative and layered than previous years.

According to Zhang, over 1,000 city-level and community-level scientific activities are expected to be held in town. Events include science knowledge promotion; scientific seminars; exhibitions with scientific themes; stage performances with scientific elements; and activities at local research centers and scientific labs.

Through these events, the festival is expected to enhance local citizens' knowledge and interest in science as well as their creativity.

Ten perspectives

Prep work for the 2018 Shanghai Science Festival cover 10 aspects, Zhang said. One is about the opening ceremony. A number of influential scientists and science professionals from China and other countries will be invited to walk the red carpet at the opening ceremony.

The second aspect of the preparations are beneficial to local citizens. During the festival, around 300 bases for science education will be open to the public, for free or at a discounted price. Around 100 higher education institutions in Shanghai, key labs of scientific research institutes and top-500 companies based in the city will invite citizens to visit their labs and listen to lectures held by researchers.

The third is about scientific forums. During the festival, forums and activities with different themes are expected to be held. Scientists from different countries will gather in Shanghai to discuss future developments here and across China.

Another aspect is about corporate scientific events. Organizers will invite scientists and researchers to introduce the most innovative and comprehensive scientific achievements to the public through TED-style speeches.

Top local enterprises, such as SAIC Motor and Shanghai Electric, will present their latest findings and technologies to the public. Notably, local university students will also be invited to visit top-500 companies to gain insight into the operational systems of these companies.

A cultural brand

Shanghai Science Festival was founded in 1991 and is China's first - and the world's second - scientific festival created by a government. The Shanghai municipal government is paying great attention to this festival and aims to promote it as a distinctive cultural brand of Shanghai.

Since 2017, the influence and brand popularity of the Shanghai Science Festival has been fully upgraded.

The festival has become an important channel to present Shanghai's scientific innovation ability and achievements to the world. Along with Shanghai International Film & TV Festival, Shanghai Tourism Festival and China Shanghai International Arts Festival, the Science Festival is another cultural brand of Shanghai.

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A child experiencing VR at Shanghai Science Festival in 2017 Photo: VCG

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