Increase in state compensation to citizens whose personal liberty has been violated

By Xu Hailin Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/16 19:18:41

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) announced on Wednesday an increase of 25.85 yuan ($4.06) per day in state compensation to citizens whose personal liberty has been violated.

The newly issued standard for state compensation in infringement cases with procuratorates as organs liable for compensation is 284.74 yuan per day, the SPP said.

The increase in the compensation standard shows that China has been paying more attention to citizen's human rights, including personal liberty. Judicial authorities will also handle cases involving personal liberty more carefully, Chen Zhonglin, dean of the Law School at Chongqing University, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

The amount was calculated after taking into account the annual average wage for employees in the non-private sector in cities and towns in 2017, which was put at 74,318 yuan on Tuesday by the National Bureau of Statistics, SPP added.

The increase is a positive sign but the new compensation standard is still too low, Xu Xin, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology's School of Law, told the Global Times.

The infringement of personal liberty is a very serious violation which deserves a higher compensation, Xu said, while noting that it should also be extended to offset personal direct losses, for instance, counsel fee.

The procuratorate organs at all levels should implement the new daily compensation standard while issuing decisions on state compensation from Wednesday, SPP announced on its website.

The state compensation for infringement of citizen's personal liberty has increased since 2007, when the standard daily amount was 83.66 yuan.

The procuratorate organs at all levels issued compensation to more than 13,000 cases between 1995 and November 2014, reported the Procuratorate Daily in early 2015.

A judicial relief of more than 300 million yuan was given to more than 42,000 penal victims between 2010 and November 2014, the newspaper said.

Newspaper headline: Compensation hiked for breach of personal liberty

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