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Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/17 18:13:40

Pictured is the video being shown at Chuanyuan Cinema before a movie. Photo:

A court in Sichuan Province has launched a citywide shame campaign against debtors in the form of a short cartoon describing their crimes.

Broadcast on public LED displays, buses and even movie theater screens, the animated short takes a childlike tone in explaining laolai, a Chinese word for long-term debtor.

"Come, come, look at these laolai!" a cheerful man explains to an equally smiling crowd. "It's a person who borrows money and doesn't pay it back."

The cartoon is followed by the solemn-faced photos and names of those found to have ignored court orders.

The Hejiang People's Court included the names and photos of 26 people in a short video. 

Chuanyuan Cinema has been showing the reel of shame before movies since Sunday, reported.

The cartoon is also being splashed across large LED screens in central Hejiang and other high traffic areas, as well as on a city bus route.

The cartoon was dubbed in the local dialect to further drive the point home.

"We have specially chosen debtors with household registrations in the downtown area so the exposure is more effective," said Li Qiang, a Hejiang court official.

The cartoon is only Hejiang's latest method to out those with outstanding debts.

In the past, the court resorted to village loudspeaker broadcasts and an automatic phone message that describes the debtor's crime to anyone who calls their number. 

Shaming tactics for debtors were approved in 2013 by the Supreme People's Court in Beijing as part of a national blacklist that targets individuals, corporations and governments that default on loans.

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Newspaper headline: China court shames debtors with cartoon in cinema


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