Science festival kicks off in Shanghai’s Baoshan district

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/27 18:48:40

Tech carnival

2018 Baoshan Science and Technology Festival officially kicked off on May 20 in Wisdom Bay High-tech Park of Baoshan District under the theme of "Ignite Light of Science and Innovate Baoshan with Intelligence and Creativity." The festival will help Shanghai develop into a scientific and technological innovation center and promote the city's new "Four Brands."

Xie Wenlan, Secretory-General of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, expressed that, as Shanghai marches toward the objective of building itself into an innovation center with a global influence, the city must bravely challenge new heights and provide strong impetus to seize the commanding points in international competition.

There have been 320 application-oriented high-tech enterprises and 17 academician and expert workstations in Baoshan. Over 10 enterprises in the district have won awards for scientific and technological advancement.

In the future, Baoshan Science and Technology Festival will become a veritable festival for local scientific and technological workers.

Leaders also presented awards to the representatives of excellent teenagers winning the titles of the 16th Shanghai Future Scientific and Technological Star and the Scientific and Technological Hope Star, and inaugurated the featured exhibition area of science popularization in Wisdom Bay.

An academician and expert workstation for teenager science and technology education led by Xia Zhaofan, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was officially founded to symbolize that a new chapter for teen science and technology innovation education has started in Baoshan.

A high-tech park

As the main venue of 2018 Baoshan Science and Technology Festival, Wisdom Bay High-tech Park integrates science and technology with the popularization of science. The new local science market will include exhibition areas such as science and technology exhibition areas, science popularization and interaction areas, parent-child sports areas and makers' market areas.

These areas combine the latest scientific and technological products such as ARVR, 3D printing, unmanned aerial vehicle and intelligent manufacturing. They will gather a large number of scientific, technological and science popularization enterprises for citizens to gain a firsthand experience of scientific and technological innovation products.

In the community innovation competition, themed "Innovation" and "Environmental Protection," there were tense and fierce competitions as well as fun innovative experiences. Laughter from the environmental protection fashion show, the screaming from jet coaster and the processing sound from woodworking machine were rising one after another.

Both adults and children had a great time. A 3D Printing Culture Museum, VR/AR Experience Hall and Cloud Intelligent Creative Workshop were open to citizens.

During the festival, relevant departments throughout the district will hold over 200 additional activities in eight aspects including events that are beneficial to the public, lectures and forums, competitions and games, innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

These include important events such as 2018 International 3D Printing Carnival, Baoshan Special Competition of 2018 Shanghai International Innovation Competition, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Seminar of Baowu Strategic Cooperation Colleges and Universities, Teenage Science and Technology Festival of Baoshan District to present a grand scientific and technological feast for Baoshan citizens.

This story was based on a press release published on Touch Shanghai.



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