Iran ambassador dismisses US accusations of China militarizing South China Sea as ‘noise’

By Li Ruohan in Qingdao Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/9 17:15:35

The US accusations of China militarizing the South China Sea is merely "noise" to purposely destabilize the region and counter China, Iranian Ambassador to China Ali Asghar Khaji said Saturday.

"The issue of South China Sea should be resolved among China and the countries in the region through dialogue and negotiations," Khaji told the Global Times in an exclusive interview on Saturday. 

"Countries in the region are mature enough to do so, so there's no need for foreign interferences such as from the US," said Khaji. 

China regards its sovereignty in the South China Sea as having legitimate rights to build facilities on its own islands. The US has reportedly accused China of militarizing the islands in the region.

The latest US accusation on June 2 came from US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who said the US would take additional steps against China if "militarization" of the South China Sea continues. 

During the annual Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD) in Singapore, Mattis said that Beijing was "intimidating and coercing" others in the region by putting weapons systems on the islands, the Associate Press reported.

Such provocative remarks were immediately refuted by Lieutenant-General He Lei, deputy head of the Academy of Military Sciences of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and leader of the Chinese delegation to this year's SLD. 

"It is those that are shouting about 'the militarization of the South China Sea' who are militarizing the South China Sea," He Lei said at a press conference later that day. 

"The US has always implemented policies to destabilize regions in the world and create crises and troubles in different regions. This is just one example of those policies," said Iranian Ambassador Khaji. 

"Besides this policy, the US is also trying to contain China by constantly creating such noise," he added.


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