RYSE Hotel reveals Autograph Collection in Seoul, South Korea

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/12 18:28:40

The new RYSE Hotel in Seoul, South Korea Photo: Courtesy of Autograph Collection

Autograph Collection, the unique and enthusiastic independent hotel brand subordinate to Marriott International Group, has announced recently that the brand-new RYSE Hotel will hold their grand opening ceremony on the Hongik University Block, a leader in originality and trends, thus having two hotels of the brand located in Seoul, South Korea.

The Autograph Collection owns more than 135 hotels in popular destinations worldwide and provides diversified and vigorous travel experiences for guests in terms of visual enjoyment, design and technique.

"The Autograph Collection is devoted to satisfying the global travelers' demands for an independent hotel and individualized experiences in various aspects from catering to design," says Mike Fulkerson, vice president of Marriott International Group's Asia-Pacific brand promotion.

"We are very glad to set up the second Autograph Collection hotel in the prosperously developing Seoul. RYSE Hotel has a unique design and refined details. It creates an individualized experience in guest's hearts and souls. Therefore, it is the solid choice for our brand camp."

Hongik University Block encourages self-expression and individuality. RYSE Hotel cleverly integrates the characteristics of the surrounding environment and illustrates the splendid and colorful creative aesthetics in an exquisite and clever way.

The hotel is designed by the world-famous architectural firm Michaelis Boyd. The internal design embodies the vigorous integration of multiple elements. The industrial style of concrete and brass is combined with the bright pink floor, and the artistic fresco of the external wall and the unusual suspended sculpture in the hall show the extraordinary artistic air of the hotel.

RYSE Hotel has 272 guest rooms created from unparalleled inspiration. Among them, artistic works chosen specifically for the hotel are installed in 14 suites. Some suites are specially customized by the creative artists, including photographer Laurent Segretier, the collage artist Charles Munka, the Seoul artist Yeojoo Park who applied shadows and colorful film to illustrate the space and multimedia story writer Maekan. These "artist suites" showcase the vivid individualized characteristics and strong aesthetic atmosphere, which echo the youth culture of Hongik University.

The "suite for the executive producer" located on the 22nd floor has an area of 217 square meters and is decorated with well-chosen artistic works including a picture wall made by the famous South Korean graphic designer Na Kim.

"We are very happy to bring RYSE Hotel to you. This is not only a hotel but also an original space with random inspirations," said Jaisun Ihm, general manager of RYSE Hotel. "Our team is devoted to showing the spirit and culture of Hongik University to global tourists and constructing an original community that promotes exchanges and communication. We cooperate with excellent creative talent around the world and have jointly created a unique hotel experience and the exclusive cultural experience of South Korea."

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