Finding roots, chasing dreams

By Zhang Yu Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/12 18:43:39

Global Times Metro Shanghai hosts ‘third-culture’ sharing seminar

Dozens of promising "third-culture" entrepreneurs, representatives from multinational companies, cultural and media professionals and foreign students in China joined a sharing seminar entitled "Finding Roots Chasing Dreams" on Sunday in Shanghai's PwC Innovation Center.

Hosted by the Global Times Metro Shanghai, the event aimed to provide a platform for participants to share experiences and expertise in entrepreneurship, career planning, intercultural marriage and expat life in China.

Decades ago, many Chinese people immigrated to developed countries in order to pursue higher pay, more job opportunities and a better life. Their offspring, however, are now reversing their parents' path, attracted by China's rapid development and surging economy in order to realize the Chinese Dream their parents never had.

Three of these "third-culture" Chinese entrepreneurs, who have been profiled by the Global Times in the past - Billy Chan, Michelle Li and Steven Oo - attended the panel discussion and shared their entrepreneurship experiences in China. They used words like exciting, frustration, efficiency and speed to describe their feeling of doing business in China. They also talked about which they value more from their startup experience: the process or the results.

Challenges & opportunities

In the second panel, expat readers and freelance writers of the Global Times - Juli Min, Ryan Thorpe, Yaou Wu, Beth Lim - shared stories about their life in Shanghai and fun facts about their intercultural marriages with Chinese spouses. How to get along with one's Chinese in-laws and how to meet cultural challenges were hotly debated questions by this panel.

For the keynote speech section, Brian Sun, senior manager at PwC You Plus Career Office & Corporate Collaboration, gave an inspiring presentation on how young professionals can make plans for personal and career development. He introduced You Plus, a new training programcommitted to helping young professionals gain leadership skills, practical knowledge, emotional intelligence and creative thinking.

Joy Zhang, HR director Asia Pacific for Organization Development with PPG, gave an insightful speech on how entrepreneurs and employers as a whole can attract more talent by using a better talent strategy, turning jobs into careers.

Tina Qiu, Marketing & Communication Manager with Virgin Atlantic Airways, talked about how multinational companies can navigate challenges and opportunities, such as language barriers and cultural stereotypes, in a multicultural environment.

After the speeches and panels, a Q&A session involved all of the participants. Audience members asked questions such as "Whether friends can be partners for startup companies?" "When should a career person go back to school?" "How to evaluate loss and benefits?" and "Is starting up a business after graduation without first gaining experience in a big company like burning money?"

The Global Times Metro Shanghai daily newspaper offers lifestyle information about Shanghai and covers stories about the city's vibrant foreign community. Its popular new video platform, "Expats in China," now hosts about 300 videos about Chinese culture and local current events from a foreign perspective.

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