City’s popular crayfish street is upgrading

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/12 18:53:40

Shouning Road in Huangpu district, famous for its crayfish (freshwater lobster) restaurants, will present a new image to citizens following a campaign for unlicensed stores on the street since January 2018, Shanghai Observer reported Tuesday.

Crayfish restaurants first appeared on Shouning Road in 2000. Many people come a long way just to taste Shouning Road crayfish. However, over the years, the booming crayfish business brought noise and trash to nearby neighborhoods, with many residents complaining to local authorities. Worse still, food safety issues and shops with no licenses were also a big concern.

Since January of this year, authorities in Huangpu district have taken measures to regulate the stores on Shouning Road. Stores that lack requested licenses are adjusting their businesses. The original image of the street is reappearing through the innovative and effective management of the district authorities.

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