G-EXPO World Football Summit held in Bengbu Ancient Dwelling Expo Park

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/13 18:13:40

Ma Guoxiang gives an award to David Beckham.Photo: Courtesy of G-EXPO World Football Summit

On June 6, "Prince Zebra" Alessandro del Piero led 1,600 stars across the arch starting line engraved with the words "G-EXPO Star Running," thus announcing the formal opening of the first G-EXPO World Football Summit. In the beautiful Bengbu Ancient Dwelling Expo Park, celebrities in the world of football including Beckham, Pierro, Carlo Ancelotti, Costacurta and Gullit talked about football with fans worldwide and representatives of Chinese Football Association Super League.

The first G-EXPO World Football Summit is the supreme football summit jointly sponsored by Beijing All Time and Shanghai Xiangjiang Industrial. It is the football "Davos" implemented by focusing on a series of supreme football resources including the top-level stars, football resources and the summit forum. G-EXPO aims to create the best platform for football business communication and become the bond connecting Chinese football and world football. Meanwhile, it also hopes to arouse people's attention to the protection of the traditional Chinese ancient architectural culture through the influence of the international superstars.

The host location of G-EXPO World Football Summit-Bengbu Ancient Dwelling Expo Park contains 450 exquisite ancient Chinese architectures collected and protected by Ma Guoxiang, President of Shanghai Xiangjiang Industrial Co, Ltd for more than a decade, which inherits the essence of the traditional Chinese culture.

The football star David Beckham shows his interest in the modeling and beauty of the Chinese ancient dwelling and emphasizes the cultural value contained in the ancient dwellings. When learning that the biggest reconstructed tribe of Chinese ancient dwellings in the world was rescued by a selfless Chinese entrepreneur for around 1 billion dollars from bulldozers in different places in China, Beckham soon decided on his journey and took the initiative to serve as the "ambassador for the cultural exchange of Chinese ancient dwellings."

Beckham attached great importance to this trip to China. He proposed high requirements for the conference standards and topics, as well as for the sponsor and the site. Before confirming his trip to China, Beckham also required the Bengbu Ancient Dwelling Expo Park to provide related materials of the park, including a commentary video, so as to evaluate the value of the ancient dwelling expo park as a "Chinese business card."

The sponsor introduced that this was a cultural trip of public benefit. Beckham goes beyond the role of a football star becoming the British "cultural business card." Therefore, Beckham also expects to know about the long and profound traditional Chinese culture and make contributions to the cultural exchanges between China and Britain.

It is Ma Guoxiang that collected, protected and gathered 450 ancient Chinese dwellings here. For more than six years, Ma took his team to reclaim wasteland, pile mountains and dig lakes, build island and plant forests in the wilderness in the southeast suburbs of Bengbu in order to repair more than 450 traditional dwellings in 17 provinces and cities nationwide and rescue more than 10,000 trees. This park of around 5,000 mu is widely recognized by the culture masters such as Feng Jicai, Wang Luxiang and Feng Lianhai as the nostalgia gathering place of the traditional culture.

"People generally hold that Beckham is just a football star, which actually underestimates the optimism and positivity represented by football and the football stars in European and American cultures," said Feng Guoxiang. "The Chinese nation has a long and profound history; its profound c  ultural heritage is also well-known. We have innumerable cultural business cards so that we can equally exchange with Western culture and benefit each other. The old houses that kept out wind and rain for ancestors and helped with our reproduction have witnessed the revolution and renaissance of the Chinese civilization and recorded the stories of partings and reunions. They are the indispensable business cards of Chinese culture."

Ma Guoxiang added, "We conducted the protective rescue to more than 300 ancient dwellings in the Ancient Dwelling Expo Park and more than 500 ancient dwellings in the warehouse before they were removed or extinct." Through the argument of experts, the Ancient Dwelling Expo Park has been listed into the key project directory of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


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