2018 Le Tour de France Events in China to Kick off

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/13 18:23:39

2018 Le Tour de France hosted a press conference in Beijing to release details of the upcoming event. Photo: Courtesy of 2018 Le Tour de France Events in China

The 2018 Le Tour de France Events in China hosted a press conference in Beijing on June 4, during which the details of the upcoming events in China were revealed to the public. The event is composed of two sections - two sections - Le Tour de France Shanghai Critérium and L'Étape China by Le Tour de France in places including Beijing and Hainan Province.

When the 115-year-old Le Tour de France brand first hold events in China in 2017, it immediately captured massive fans of cycling with some 5,000 people participating in the event and 50,000 spectators. This year, the organizers promised to bring more innovative and thorough experiences to the public.

Not only will the location of the event be expanded to other major cities and provinces outside of Shanghai, the participating cyclists can fully devote themselves to the competition while also enjoying the surrounding landscapes along the journey. The event in Beijing will take place in Huairou district on September 23. In collaboration with Activation Group, a leading integrated marketing agency that is hosting the 2018 Le Tour de France events in China, the host of the Beijing section Guoan Sport picked the international convention center on Yanqi Lake in Huairou district as the main arena for the game.

At the press conference, the president of CITIC Guoan Group Li Jianyi talked about why Guoan Sport decided to be the host of L'Étape Beijing by Le Tour de France. "In the sports sector, everyone knows that Guoan has been in the soccer field for over 20 years, during which we have collected a good deal of experiences," Li said. "Organizing a large sporting event [like the L'Étape Beijing by Le Tour de France] is very challenging. It is very difficult to get the official approval to hold an event with over 5,000 participants in Beijing due to security concerns. To make it happen, we invited experts from the Le Tour de France to pick the right place for the game to be held and coordinated with local government in every detail in advance."

General Manager of Activation Sports Manager Zhou Qi also attended the press conference and spoke about how to market sports. "We have been using integrated marketing for many years in China. As a brand developer, we had sophisticated resources in the fashion and entertainment industries before we entered sports. Now, fashion, entertainment and sports are our three "troika" that are nicely-combined," Zhou said.

The actor from Taiwan island Ethan Juan will also participate in L'Étape Beijing by Le Tour de France. Liu Jinyao, Managing Director of Activation Group, concluded that the Le Tour de France Events in China offers a very valuable opportunity for cycling lovers, and he hopes that more and more people will be able to join in this international tournament and share their support for cycling as a greener lifestyle.


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